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Finding The Best Dog Food For Allergies

An allergy is an undesirable condition that tends to make life more difficult. There are various types of allergies, but what most people may not be aware of is that even dogs suffer from allergies. Symptoms of dog allergies vary as there are various types of allergies. These include skin allergies, flea allergies and dog food allergies. It is important to identify what may be causing such allergies, so as to try and help our furry little friend.


Dog food allergies are quite common. The most common symptom that is caused by this type of allergy is itching. This is generally experienced around the dog’s face, mouth, ears and feet. Other symptoms include increased bowel movements and recurring ear infections. Hair loss is another symptom.

Having said that, it is important to note that dogs are not born with this type of allergy but rather develop it to particular foods. Usually such an allergy is developed after they have eaten particular foods for a prolonged period of time.

A veterinarian will be able to establish which foods are causing such an allergy by carrying out a food test. In these cases a hypoallergenic diet is generally recommended. These hypoallergenic dog foods are the best dog food for allergies. Such dog food is specially formulated so that it is mainly composed of hydrolyzed proteins. This means that the proteins within the food are already broken down into small, digestible parts, which will avoid any immune responses.

There are various manufacturers of hypoallergenic dog foods. It is a good idea to follow your vet’s recommendations. You will be able to find raw, dry and canned foods. You will need to choose wisely depending on the age of your dog, and any particular health condition it may suffer from. That is why it is always best to consult a vet.

Although this may seem convenient, it is best to avoid choosing a particular brand only because the pet shop you usually buy from offers a free pet food delivery service. Your dog’s health is at stake here. By making some research you may be able to find another supplier that offers pet food delivery service.

Some brands may be ideal for particular allergies, whereas others may be more generic. If your dog is suffering from a skin or stomach allergy, it may require dog food that is rich in vitamins, fatty acids and minerals. Wheat, gluten, artificial colorings and preservatives will not be included in such dog food.

Most specialty dog food stores offer pet food delivery. Therefore you just need to look up more details about suppliers of the best dog food for allergies. This can be easily done by searching online as most suppliers and brands will have their own websites so as to make things easier for you.

Ensuring our pets well being is really not an easy task. But every time we come home we can see our pets running around playing around, waggling his tail as way of greeting you from the tiring day that you just have, you can say to yourself its all worth it.