The Healthy Benefits Of Quitting Smoking

Even though smoking has been officially declared and known as a deadly habit, this does not seem to alter its popularity among patrons. It has been a major cause of deaths among individuals but the number of smoking fanatics is still at large. However, various calls and programs on quitting smoking have been made available for smokers to follow and lead a healthy life.


Leading a smoke-free life is equivalent to leading a life that is free from chemicals that can cause lung cancer and the likes. Cigarette smoking will bring in a lot of damage to the lungs and heart. And the moment a person stops smoking even for a day will slowly repair the damage brought by smoking. It will make breathing easier.

For a short thirty minutes of withdrawing from smoking, it is believed that heart rate and blood pressure normalizes. And for some couple of days, weeks and months; blood circulation improves and energy levels escalate. Quitting smoking also helps both men and women on sex issues. Men who quit smoking will get better erections and women has healthier tendency on orgasms. Also, women who does not smoke are known to find it easier to get pregnant than those that smoke. Pregnant women who do not smoke will also deliver healthier babies than those that smoke. Smoking while pregnant also is a considered factor in miscarriage.

Stopping smoking habit also reduces the risk of eye diseases such as optic neuropathy, cataracts and blindness; gum loss and tooth loss and osteoporosis. Not smoking will provide whiter teeth and fresher breath.  Smoking is a deliberate factor to shorten a person’s life span. Ending the habit of smoking will make the smoker live a much longer life because they are free from the risk of heart diseases, cancer and bronchitis.

No smoking

There are also other serious diseases that the causes are connected to smoking cigarettes. It has been discovered that cigarette smoking causes diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, pneumonia and asthma. Also, it does not only prompt lung cancer but also cancer in other parts of the body like the esophagus, throat, larynx, bladder, breast, pancreas, stomach, kidney and liver. The people surrounding you will also be at risk for health issues through secondhand smoking. They can also be in peril, especially babies, children, pregnant women and olds for cancer and heart diseases. Smoking is as good as putting not only your life but the life of the people you loved in jeopardy.