The Importance And Usages Of Clean Water

Water is very essential to human survival. The Earth is made to contain a majority amount of water to utilize its resources just like the human’s body to function. Water makes every living thing survive. It is needed in about every task that human needs in his everyday life especially from keeping his physical appearance clean and his internal organs function healthily. But it is not only water that is important but clean water because polluted water can be dangerous and deadly. There are thousands of deaths recorded that can be attributed to unclean and unsafe water. Water that is not clean will bring in a lot of chaotic situations in the way people live because it is used in almost every human’s movement.


Water is use domestically. It is needed in every household purpose such as drinking and food preparation, cleaning the house, washing the laundry, watering the gardens and flushing the toilets. Without water, households will not be a favorable place for a family to live in. Water is used commercially. Business establishments need water to offer good services to clients and customers.  These establishments such as restaurants, hotels, offices and other commercial facilities need to provide their customers safe water in order to make the business profitable. Water is use industrially. Water is very vital to factories, companies and other industries to created products. Industrial usage of water includes cleaning, processing, transportation, reduction and other manufacturing purposes.

Water is use in irrigation. Orchards, pastures, farms and other fields require water to grow and produce crops and other agricultural products. Water is use in livestock. It is a vital need for poultry animals, fish farms and dairy farms to produce poultry, meat, milk and eggs. Water is also us in mining. It is an important factor in extracting minerals and gases through refining, excavating and other mining procedures. Water is also use in thermoelectric power.


Water is very significant in producing electric power created with heat. Water is also use publicly. Firefighters rely on water to put off fire and save lives. Streets are cleaned with the use of water. Public drinking fountains are run by water. Parks and gardens are beautified by the use of water.

It cannot be denied how dynamic water is in our lives. That is why it is important to have water that is safe and clean especially when it is consumed by our body.